Service free of charge

From the beginning to the end, we provide you with our expertise, without any costs to you.

In our unique, free B2B portal with specially developed software, we provide you with a clear overview of any information you need.

Time and cost savings

Outsourcing the processing of your returns and remaining stock leads to considerable time and cost savings.

You can reduce your internal business processes, as well as your logistics and personnel costs, considerably.

Your core business

Focus on your core business while we handle your entire re-commerce process.

This means you can strengthen important business areas, exploit your potential and increase growth.

Increase in sales & profits

Save time and money while we sell your goods focusing on profit-maximization.

Due to our service you will not have any costs or expenditures, which means you reach record sales and profits within a very short time.


Because we have the perfect solution for your problem!

  • Goods can no longer be offered in your channel of distribution
  • A lot of time is required to process returns
  • Enormous cost overheads because of high fixed costs
  • Limited storage capacity
  • Unmanageable, complex business processes
  • Cannibalization effect
  • Efficient distribution of returns, remaining stock and overhangs
  • Outsourcing of your returns and remaining stock
  • Focus on the core business to promote growth
  • Cost reductions for staff and storage
  • Flexible and scalable business models and processes
  • No cannibalization of the goods in the product portfolio
  • Professional marketing of your goods on online and offline channels
  • Responsible for any processes from warehousing to controlling
  • Product storage with the highest safety standards
  • Responsible for any warehouse and personnel-related processes
  • Intelligent concepts to optimize your value chain
  • Selling your goods on behalf of mySWOOOP

Everybody benefits from mySWOOOP

Returns and (post-) goods with a low speed of sales require needed storage capacities and, consequently, increase costs. In addition, the internal processes resulting from the processing of these goods become more time-consuming and complex. As a result, the costs often exceed the revenue to be achieved. For this reason, they are often disposed of, as this is the most cost-effective solution for most companies.

In contrast to conventional fulfilment service providers, mySWOOOP not only covers warehousing and logistics processes, but also the entire value chain - from warehousing through marketing to payment management and control. The entire process of secondary market goods is professionally processed on fair, tailored conditions. Therefore, you can focus on your core business and strengthening your business areas.

We sell your goods upon consultation with you in our name. As a result, you prevent your core assortment from competing with overhang, special and residual goods or returns, thus adversely affecting sales and sales figures. You can continue with your core business and efficiently sell up-to-date goods while selling your goods, remaining stocks, overhangs, and more on our behalf without the risk of cannibalization.


We sell your returns, special and remaining goods, overhangs and insolvency goods, and are responsible for any processes required for the successful marketing of your products.

You have returned goods, overhangs or special and remaining goods

You send us your goods, and we take care of the storage and organize the dispatch

Sales of your goods on all online and offline sales channels

Once a month you receive a detailed and easy to follow settlement of your account

We buy and sell the following goods









Of course, we also accept other goods. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


The road to your success

MySWOOOP guarantees optimized processes of your goods to reach the desired proceeds.
We are responsible for any required services to guarantee a successful marketing of your returns and remaining stock!


We advise you on a one-to-one basis and provide you with a partner program.

We support you with our expertise right from the start, and work with you in order to create an optimal partner program. In accordance with your individual needs, we advise you on the selection of a customized solution to ensure a successful sale of your goods.


Until the sale and distribution, we store your goods in our logistics centre, providing the highest safety standards.

As soon as your goods have been received in the mySWOOOP logistics centre, they will be stored in our warehouse using the most stringent security standards until the sale and dispatch to the customer takes place. Of course, your goods are insured during the entire period.

Presentation of the goods

Our internal marketing specialists ensure professional marketing of your goods.

Any marketing and presentation (item description, image, advertising) required for the successful marketing of your goods are carried out by mySWOOOP. Putting the emphasis on maximizing your sales figures, our marketing department ensures a professional and target-oriented presentation of the goods. This includes, among other things, the creation of product images, videos and high-quality content of the description of the goods.

Online and offline sales

We distribute your goods to numerous sales markets - as well as online and offline in stationary trades.

The distribution of your goods by mySWOOOP takes place both via direct customer contact, selling the goods directly in our mySWOOOP stores as well as through the company-wide online platform In addition, we will market your goods in more the 20 of the most visited online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.


Immediately after your goods are sold, we will pack, ship and insure them till they reach the customer.

Immediately after your returns and goods are sold, they are packed and dispatched by mySWOOOP for the customer, whereby these goods are insured. We cooperate with experienced and specialized logistic service providers to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Payment management

We take care of the full customer-related payment processing.

MySWOOOP takes responsibility for the entire process of payment transactions with the customer. In accordance with the agreed terms, the proceeds from the sale of your goods will be transferred to your bank account in due time.

Returns management

We manage the returns process, from the time of acceptance through to the recalculation of the goods for sale.

Should goods be returned by the customer, we will handle the entire return process. From the acceptance of the returned goods to the final processing with the customers. After careful examination and treatment, each returned product will be available for sale.

Customer service

We take responsibility for customer communication in order to always ensure excellent customer satisfaction.

Extensive customer service is the core element of our service portfolio. In order to ensure permanent customer satisfaction, we take responsibility for any product and process-related communication with the customer.


Regular reporting on the development of your sales figures to support your business planning.

Controlling and planning are the basic prerequisites for sustainably successful business development. In order to assist you as much as possible in your planning, you will receive regular evaluations and statistics on the development of your sales figures.

Our B2B Portal

Specially developed software for a transparent overview

  • ✓ Comprehensive information about your products
  • ✓ Optimal management of your finances
  • ✓ JAccess any time, anywhere
  • ✓ Use 100% free of charge

We provide you with personal access to our B2B portal. Software especially developed for our service allows you to access your inventory, sales statistics, sales figures and many other information about your goods at any time. This always provides you with a comprehensive and transparent overview of all processes and movement of goods.

In addition, you can export a comprehensive report. This means that you can not only manage your finances, but also optimize your product range based on our sales statistics. Also, a contact person from the mySWOOOP Fulfilment team is available to you, in case you have questions, uncertainties or other concerns about the partnership and its handling of goods.


Our sales channels

Maximum sales

Unlike other service providers in our industry, we do not list your goods or returns directly on numerous online channels such as Amazon and eBay. At mySWOOOP, the marketing of your goods is also carried out via our company website as well as stationary trades.

Condition models

Choose the appropriate condition model

Each company pursues individual strategies and goals. For this reason, we provide various condition models that can be tailored to your needs. You may choose from three models on the basis of which we work together and create the conditions that are perfect for you.

Commission model

Minimum amount model

Lump sum model


This is mySWOOOP

As a wholesaler and service provider for the B2B sector, mySWOOOP specializes in the processing and distribution of returns, special and remainder goods, insolvency goods and other secondary market goods. Our experienced mySWOOOP team, now consisting of about 50 employees, ensures smooth processes and excellent customer orientation in order to help our partners and us to achieve the best possible success. One of our major concerns is to create a platform for companies that takes care of the entire process of secondary market goods. This way, our fulfilment partners can concentrate on their core business and advancing steadily in the growth of their company.


Since October 2014, mySWOOOP has been a part of the Melchers GmbH & Co. KG, a company with more than 70 companies worldwide. Because of the close cooperation between the companies within the group, we are able to continuously expand our unique network, gain business partners and offer our fulfilment partners a comprehensive range of services and an excellent service.

Melchers Group


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